Tree nut farming for a sustainable future.

You are what you eat. Finding good quality food is harder than ever despite all of mankind’s innovations in food production. Sometimes the most simple things can be the most profound. Key components of our diet can be sourced in some of the last places we’d think to look.

At New Jersey Nut Farms, we have been field planting chestnut trees since 2020 and now have over 1600 planted in Chesterfield and Medford. All our chestnut trees were started from seed in our own certified nursery. In the fall, our nursery will offer Chinese chestnut seedlings and a few other native fruit and nut trees. We are looking forward to our first commercial chestnut harvest in the next few years. In the meantime, we keep busy experimenting with perennial alley crops such as elderberry, asparagus, comfrey, and aronia berries. We have two acres of blueberries established at our Chesterfield location and plan to offer a U-pick soon. Grown with sustainability in mind and without harmful chemicals, we are proud to produce crops that promote the health and happiness of our planet and our customers.

If you are what you eat… We’re nuts.

We started in New Jersey with a worn out hay field. We believed in the land and the potential of returning chestnuts to our region. Hope and dirt is where we started.

Healthy soil contains an extremely complex network of organisms benefiting from each other’s proximity. This network breaks down and carries nutrients essential for life to all in participation. A wide variety of nutrients are necessary for all life to flourish and reach it’s full potential. This nutrition is what we seek to give our soil and in turn to our trees, crops, and families for their health, happiness and security. We hold healthy, ethically produced food very close to our hearts. We model our business and farm on the beneficial example of nature, and we seek to spread the change into you.

We planted our first chestnuts in 2019 in what is now one of our certified tree nurseries. Over 90% of the chestnuts we planted grew into strong trees and we knew we were onto something. Those first 600 chestnuts became the first trees that we transplanted in the fall of 2020 into our very first orchard at our Locust Lane farm in Medford (site closed to the public). At the end of 2021, after planting our second orchard, we expanded to a second farm in Chesterfield, New Jersey. (Now called Scout’s Run after our rambunctious chocolate lab.)

Our new farm came complete with complementary crops of asparagus and blueberries.

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