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NJ Nut Farms is proud to be the region’s premier chestnut orchards complete with tree nursery, perennial alley crops.

Field planting chestnut trees since 2020, we currently have over 1600 planted at our farms in Chesterfield and Medford. All our chestnut trees were started from seed in our own certified nursery. This fall, our nursery will offer Chinese chestnut seedlings and other native fruit and nut trees. We are looking forward to welcoming our first commercial chestnut harvest in the next few years. In the meantime, we keep busy by experimenting with perennial alley crops such as elder bushes, asparagus, comfrey, aronia and blueberries.

Stay tuned and watch us grow!

Grown with sustainability in mind and without harmful chemicals, we strive to produce crops that promote the health and happiness of our planet and our customers.

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Chestnut Farms in New Jersey

Chestnuts once were a primary member of the deciduous forests of North America. These massive trees were decimated by a blight beginning in the early 1900’s. What used to be a seasonal staple disappeared from menus for decades. At NJ Nut Farms, we aim to add chestnuts back into the American diet, one tree at a time.

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